Is anyone else still waiting for fruit trees to arrive?

kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)March 27, 2012

I ordered trees from nurseries in OR, CA, and WA and rec'd those orders more than a month ago, nearly two months ago, but I'm still waiting for one apple tree from urban acres just up the road in IL. Well, that's a little farther than up the road but you get my point. Is this normal for them?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I ordered some from Burnt Ridge and another conglomerate nursery a few weeks ago.It's their busy time right now,so I guess it's a first come,first served thing.I think Burnt Ridge even states that on their website or literature,so I have to be patient. Brady

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

I'm still waiting for my Black Gold cherry from Raintree, but I think that's because I put a specific note on my order to send around 3/31/12. I put this order in last November, so obviously I had no idea that this season was going to be so warm to where I could easily have planted in early to mid March already. Oh well.

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I'm waiting for 30 paw paw seedlings from Burgess in IL. I'll be using them for rootstocks. I don't know what the hold up is.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Still waiting on Raintree, ACN, and Burnt Ridge.

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waiting on cherry from raintree that are supposed to be here early to mid april

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

I sure feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I too will be patient. Thanks guys

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

kngskid, even though you and I are in warmer zones, if you're ordering from a company that is in a colder zone, they're going to ship later because their trees won't be ready until later :-) Or, if YOU live in a colder region, the company will ship to you later since YOU won't be ready until later. So, for example out my way, which is zone 10, all my local nurseries' bare root fruit tree seasons are over, or nearly so (one nursery still has some bare root, but they're getting potted up as we speak.) But, one of my orders from a zone 5 nursery just got here and the tree is still quite dormant. All my bareroots bought locally are blossoming and/or leafing out. All depends upon where the nursery is, controlled by their growing zone, and where you are.

Patty S.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

kngskid Johnson's nursery in Elerjay has a good selection of trees for future purchasing. Good trees and good service. I have ordered from them twice now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson's Nursery

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I have three trees and one free to be shipped. She said she would go ahead and order the trees. Sumerstone Nursery keeps their trees on cold storage at no additional cost. They get the trees from many of the nurseries in Tenessee.

I know many people like to get the biggest and best trees and object to the trees from what used to be Autumn Ridge Nursery. Now Summerstone Nursery. I get the little trees and let them grow up.

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mootube(UK 9 - 8b)

I'll be visiting a plant distribution market in 3 hours, opening times are 2am - 9am so I'm hoping to get 5 - 15 trees for a third of retail price. No idea what they'll have there, I don't expect much at all but ideally I'll be looking for these as trees for starting 2 completely fruiting hedges:
A gage type plum.
Another sweet eating plum that could cross pollinate my Victoria if I'm lucky.
A nectarine and one or two peach. Peregrine is by far the most widely sold peach here, any other variety available will be an unexpected bonus.
A sweet cherry. Stella is more available as retail lately but I'd take any I've heard good things about to compliment my single sunburst.
Pluots are very restricted in the UK at present, 2 varieties available from 2 companies at elevated prices with other hybrids like aprium not even available. Seeing these there is hoping for too much but there's still hope :)

I'd also buy fruiting shrubs I expect are there like elaeagnus, gaultheria, aronia and any ribes and vaccinium that stand out I'll buy.

The UK market for fruit plants has been small and restricted as long as I can remember, very slowly coming around with things like honeyberry being introduced at retail level. Just glad I've done the research on species to get, I'm just more or less clueless on varieties of common fruit so it's going to be guesswork with them.

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I had an order for Starks trees, only three but they were supposed to ship 3/28. I called to see if they would ship early and was told no.

They were shipped on 3/21 and arrived on 3/24.

I am glad that I order the "supreme" trees. They were still a little smaller than the description.

They are in the ground (of course) and are still little dormant sticks whereas my others are blooming.

I bought three other trees locally and they must be three year old trees because they are twice as tall and bloomed already. I just planted them as well.

If anyone lives in Fort Wayne Indiana, I can tell you where there are some pretty nice trees.

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blackrag(6A East PA)

I am waiting for an orders placed in August & November from ACN and Stark, but I didn't really expect to get them based on my zone until this week or next. I have always been given an estimated ship date up front. Chad

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

daemon2525 i got my Stark Bros a month ago. Pretty good growth for a month. This is a Cox Orange Pippen in clothes pin training.

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myk1(5 IL)

Mine never ship until April 1 at the earliest.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

One Green World and Burnt Ridge just shipped to me past few days.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I got my Starks order a week ago, Cummins almost 2 weeks ago, Tierra Madre almost 3 weeks ago, and Vaughn nursery over a month ago. Raintree and ACN are yet to come, which seems to match several others' experience.

As long as the trees arrives dormant, I'm not going to sweat a few weeks of growing season. It reduces the chances that it will leaf out and get hurt by a bad freeze.

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I got quince trees from Raintree and gooseberries from Burnt Ridge about two weeks ago. I had ordered in January.

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