Help with Blueberries

Brett-CpGMarch 23, 2014

Just a few quick questions about blueberries...

I bought 2 plants last year in early March, and they're alive and well this spring as well. Yet one of them grew significantly more than the other last year. One (Brightwell I believe) grew 2 new shoots last year that have tons of little flowers this year. The other (Ochlockonee) barely grew at all, with zero new shoots. They got potted up as soon as I got them, got the same soil, sun, etc all last year. Any idea why the Ochlockonee just didn't grow at all? I'm worried it will do the same this year and just not ever be very productive.

My other question has to do with the two new blueberries I bought today (Baldwin and Tifblue). They're quite healthy looking, and the Baldwin has...probably 300+ flowers/buds on it. But they're in woefully small pots, maybe 1/2 gallon each. Any ideas on when to pot them up? The ones I bought last year did fine when I potted them up in early March, although as I said, the Ochlockonee didn't really grow at all the rest of the year. Thoughts?

Thanks for any help

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Hello Brett,
Were the two plants the same age and size and when first bought and allowed to fruit?
The Ochlockonee hasn't changed at all,not even for the worse,like brown stems or leaves or other unhealthy looking symptoms?
Possibly check the roots and see if there is good growth there.
A shot of Ammonium Sulfate may get it going.About a teaspoon in a gallon of water.
I'd pot up now with the other ones,in at least five gallon containers if not the ground.Make sure to loosen the root ball before planting. Brady

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