First time peach grower question

princesspea(sunset14)March 26, 2013

Hello my fellow fruit growers,
I am growing peaches for the first time this year, we have three five foot tall trees in the garden planted this year. They have morning shade until 10 am and then sun until sunset. Their neighbors the cherries are doing well, already done flowering and making tiny green cherries.
The peaches are covered in blooms, which have been half open for between three and five weeks. The peaches at my office are covered with already finished blooms. I know my yard is a little colder than the work yard, usually 5-7 degrees difference in the hottest parts of the summer.
Is this a normal thing? No other trees open halfway and stall there.....

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P...this is an interesting question. I suspect this is partially due to the specific varieties involved...and the general weather conditions. Unusually bland weather slows down many processes such as flowering. Don't panic.

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Okay, thanks. I won't panic and just wait to see what happens. Pretty trees, in any case!

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