Strawberry Questions

missemerald(7 (Virginia))March 17, 2013

I have a bed of strawberry plants (Allstar, from Stark Bros) that I've had for two years now. Last year they produced some but not a lot. I originally planted 25 plants; I'm not sure how many are there now but there are a lot of runners. Hubby has built some great row covers which we used last year to keep the birds and other critters out. Anyway, what do we do with the plants this spring? Do we cut them all back (and if so, how far? to the ground?)? Remove the runners? I know I should fertilize them (and I will) but beyond that I'm not sure how to best care for them. Please help... my kids would LOVE some fresh berries this year!

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Aside from fertilizing, the berries you get this year are from the plants you grew last year.

Cutting back is mostly what you do after this year's crop is picked, not before.

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