Peach and plum cross?

kaihui(Z7 VA)April 13, 2007

I planted 3 peaches and 2 same plums (Morris, Japanese) last year. I didn't know cross pollination back then. They all flowered about the same time this year. I know peaches don't need cross pollination, but can peaches cross pollinatte plums?



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Peaches will not pollenize plums. If you have two Morrisii and there are no other Japanese type plums in the neighborhood, they may have difficulty setting fruit. It would be best to plant an additional Japanese plum to be on the safe side.

I planted a Morris myself this spring, but also an Ozark Beauty. And I already have a Japanese type purple plum of undetermined variety.

The peaches, however, will be fine. If they are not frozen.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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joereal(Ca z9/SS z14)

It is possible for peach and plum to cross pollinate, but with some extreme assistance, otherwise there won't be any peach plum hybrids. I have several peach plum hybrids.

The cross pollination between peach and plum will require some plant breeder's tricks, however, and does not ordinarily occur in nature.

So do as Don Yellman suggests. Plant another type of plum that blooms at the same time with what you have. Also to be sure, the different plum that you plant should have a different direct parentage than the one that you have to avoid self-incompatibilities and will have better fruit sets.

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kaihui(Z7 VA)

Thanks, Guys.

Yes, I planted a Methley this year, as well as two other Japanese plums. The problem is that two Morris I planted last year bloomed earlier than other 3 Japanese plums I planted this spring. The overlap of bloomings was very short, and I didn't see bees around.(some flies, but not may).

Oh, well, with that cold spell, I probably should not expect a harvest this anyway. I am hoping for next year.



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