Peach Tree Split Trunk

mark_roeder(4B IA)April 26, 2008

I have a fourth year Reliance. The trunk split, probably in its second year, but maybe in its third year, on two sides. I noticed it last year as it produced peaches for the 1st time. A gelatinous substance oozed out of the trunk on each of two sides of the trunk, i.e. at 180 degrees. Now at 90 degrees, the trunk bark is splitting again. There is no gelatinous substances. I put my finger inside and it was dry. It splits at about 8 -14 inches up the trunk from the ground. The split from last year dried out and is healed. I sprayed my fruit tree spray from the local Farm Fleet on the leaves and also onto the split in the trunk last year. The chemical contained fungicides and insecticides, plus I sprayed my roses with it so it had some chemical fertilizers in it such as Miracid, and I use fish emulsion in my spray tank. No chemicals have been applied this year.

In November 2007 I painted the trunk white.

I am sure that I need to wrap the trunk. What causes this?

It is about to set flowers. We had a deluge of rain yesterday and today. It is cooling into the 30s tonight, but was in the 60s the past two days and mild nights when the split developed.

I noticed the new split either this a.m. or yesterday.

I am sure this will have an effect on tree life span, don't you think? But the rest of the tree still looks healthy.

Any advice? I planted a 2nd peach tree this year. I'd like preventative advice for the 2nd one, too.

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Mark - what part of Iowa are you in? My guess is it's probably a combination of weather (lots of snow this year, colder than its been for years, extremes in spring temperatures - 70's one day, 30's the next, and the late freeze last year) and possible borers last year. You're kind of border line for growing the peaches. I tried it once near Charles City (north central) and it didn't work very well. Perhaps, if I'd found a way to wrap the tree to protect the trunk better. I've seen pictures on here of ways people wrap or insulate individual fruit trees. That might work to protect the trunk a little more.

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