Questions about growing raspberries

neptune24April 19, 2012

In the past month, I have planted 4 raspberry canes. They're all about a foot tall. One is a Taylor raspberry, which I planted about a month ago, and it is leafing out nicely. The other 3 are Prelude raspberries, which I planted about two weeks ago. One cane is just starting to get buds, while the others don't have buds yet, but they're nice and green when I scratch them. Here are my questions:

1) Should any of these 1-foot-tall canes be pruned?

2) How long does it normally take a raspberry cane planted in early spring to start showing some buds?

3) When do raspberry plants normally start to flower in the South? In May?

4) I have another Everbearing Heritage raspberry that I planted last summer. It never had a cane, but was just kind of bushy. Anyway, it has lots of leaves now. Should it be pruned, and if so, exactly how?

Thanks for any help with these questions.

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No, don't prune any of them. Raspberries aren't like blackberries, they don't get bushier from pruning. You'd just be cutting off fruit!

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OK, thanks, fruitmaven.

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It isn't that simple. There are distinct differences in how one prunes a black raspberry plant to a red raspberry and also differences in how one prunes a red raspberry related to whether it's a summer bearing or an everbearing, and how and when you want fruit.

I'm enclosing a link you might want to read on pruning and maintaining raspberry brambles.

Here is a link that might be useful: raspberry

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Great--thanks, calliope.

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