What can you graft on to a hybrid (SpiceZee NectaPlum)?

armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)April 1, 2013

Hey all,

Just curious about hybrids and what you can graft onto them easily...
Specifically in my case a Nectarine-Plum Hybrid like SpiceZee NectaPlum...

I guess since its part Nectarine then Peaches/Nectartines would easily graft...
and since its part Plum, then easily do other types of plums onto it (European or Asian plums?, not sure the parentage of SpiceZee)...

Or are those assumptions probably incorrect and no real good data on what you can graft onto variety like that?


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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

Plums and peaches can be grafted onto each other anyway, so yes, you can graft peach, nectarine, or plum to your hybrid.

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".. not sure the parentage of SpiceZee"

If I did the math right, Spice zee parentage is 50% nectarine, 37.50% peach, and 12.50% plum.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

K thanks ltheweatherman,
I'll try next year some grafting on it.

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here is the patent description

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I have been told by a friend that plums do not graft well on to pluots. They seem to take but do not thrive or grow to any significant extent. His pluots have been a failure for him and he'd like to salvage the trees.

That's anecdotal and only one case--and not yours, but I mention it just as a caution.

I suggested he try an interstem of something supercompatible like Myro 29C.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Pluots are basically 95+% plum and I have grafted many plums successfully to pluots.

You can graft plum on peach but peach on plum doesn't always work. Since the interspecific is mostly peach I expect either peach or plum should work on it.


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