Home Depot is torturing me......cheap blueberry plants!

edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)April 12, 2012

I thought that $6.98 was inexpensive enough for what looked like about 1 gallon, nice sized, blossoming blueberry bushes. It was hard to walk away from them last week. Now they have lowered the price to $4.00 each, and they have a ton of them......at least 100+ of them. I just don't have the time for any more plants this year. If anyone lives near Cicero, NY, please stop by and take advantage of a great deal.

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leira(6 MA)

They did that to me recently with asparagus plants. The plants are in the fridge, and their bed is as yet un-built!

You should be thankful that "your" plants haven't been purchased yet!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I hope somebody buys all of "my" plants today! :)

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You didn't mention variety. There are a few varieties that I just would not want to buy at any price and often those are the ones available at the "Box stores".

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MY HD has the same deal going here in Brooklyn, However none of the plant tags identify the variety, so I passed.

My local Lowes has some really nice 3 gallon Reka's for 9 bucks, I picked up one of those instead.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

The HD near me had Elliot and Northland for $7 each. I was able to pass the first time because I already have 2 Elliot in containers and a Northland in the yard. If they still look good and are $4 the next time I see them I'll probably break down and get one.

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I got Chnandler from Home Depot for $4/each. Great deal. The name is on the tag, as well as on the HD price sticker on the container. HD also carries Gold Blue which I am not familiar with. I know Chandler bear one of largest berries.

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i purchased a few at Lowes, and then made a complaint to headquarters for the labelling, there were many with specific variety, but in my haste I chose one with a more generic label, "Rabbiteye Blueberry" and there was a list on the back of 8 varieties to pollinate with. The complaint went to the local store manager, who tracked down the nursery (the nursery decides whats available, not the store..) and found my plant is one of the 8..
They did send this to purchasing & promised to demand proper labelling from the vendors.
btw - it's growing well.

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