Fir bark mulch for blueberries

yawineyApril 8, 2013

I have 2 raised rows of blueberries mulched with fir bark around them and in between..
My corn rows start about 4 feet from them. Question 1: Will the acidity from the blueberry mix, Or the fir bark used to mulch them be too much for the corn? The corn is a bit lower and there is run off in that direction from the blueberry rows.
And 2; Is it better to use redwood mulch for helping lower the ph of the blues?

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Neither pine, fir or redwood mulch does much to lower the pH. Actually any compost or organic matter will have a slight pH lowering effect as it decomposes, but we are talking slight here perhaps a tenth. If your corn is four feet from the edge of the bed you shouldn't have any problems. The horizontal migration of the lower pH are minimal.

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