blueberry id

maximusdecimusApril 11, 2013

Posted this in shrubs forum about a month back and someone mentioned posting here.

I have a number of 'wild' or 'bird/wind sown' blue & huckleberry plants dotting the front acre. My only concern is the blueberries and was just wondering if anyone could help me narrow down their classification.

Not looking for an exact ID (unless you know of course), but more general info. Looking to transplant some to the back for cultivation, so I'd like to know their type to determine pruning style etc.

Pics are in an album here.

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Where's your location,Phoenix? Thanks,Brady

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Derp.. sorry, i thought i had zone saved in my info. I live in south Mississippi. SOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUTH MS. zone 8b.

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Okay thanks.I'm going to make an educated guess then,that they're Rabbiteyes.They should be able to be dug up,just get a fair amount of root.If Peat moss and Pine bark mulch is available,they will like that. Brady

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Having grown up in UCLA(upper corner of lower Alabama), I'll recommend you look at photos of V.stamineum (deerberry) and V.arboreum (sparkleberry/farkleberry) as probable candidates. The larger-statured ones are probably V.arboreum - and we have that one up here in the frigid northland of KY, as well - but have not noticed deerberry here - though it was very common throughout the piney woods where I grew up.

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Very hard to ID by pics. A few observations over time can help you narrow down. Ripening season: When? Short or long season? Growth characteristics: Vigorous or slow, up right or sprawling. Good luck w/ the transplant. I just moved two bushes myself.

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