Anne raspberry questions

waiting_gwApril 22, 2012

I just received 2 Anne raspberry plants. Actually they are dried 1' canes, about 1/2" in diameter, with large, healthy rootballs, each having about 5 new canes sprouting.

I'd like to put them on a trellis. With only 2 plants I'm guessing it won't need to very long.

How far apart should I plant them?

How long will the canes get?

We have hot, dry, sunny summers here in Central California, should I plant for morning sun, afternoon sun, or all-day sun?

Do these produce on second-year canes? Do I remove canes that have fruited?

Can I plant them near boysenberries?



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Hi Gary,

I grow Anne up here in Sonoma County. It is a delicious yellow berry.

Raspberries will sucker and spread to cover any length of row you desire, although to quickly fill a row, a spacing of two to three feet between canes is usually recommended. By transplanting and spreading suckers, you could probably fill a ten foot row by the end of the second year with your two original canes.

The canes will grow to six feet or so, and only need light trellising to keep them from flopping over. If by Central California, you mean a coastal location, full sun is great. In really hot inland valleys, they would probably benefit from some afternoon shade.

Anne is an everbearer that produces on first year canes, as well as a smaller crop on second year canes. I manage mine by cutting all canes to the ground in the winter, as this maximizes the fall crop on the new canes.

See the attached link for the pdf Oregon State raspberry cultivation guide, which is the single best source I've uncovered for growing raspberries.

good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Raspberries in the Home Garden

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John, thanks for the informative reply.

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