Growing a Bramble

farmboy1(5)April 26, 2014

I have an empty area in my yard that I would like to grow a bramble of raspberry and blackberries in. This would be mainly for the local birds to eat, maybe a few for me if I like them.

There is a bramble patch in a nearby field that will soon be bulldozed over. I'm not sure if they're raspberries or blackberries. Picture attached.

Would it be wise to avoid these, or is grabbing wild plants not such a bad idea?



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Judging by the colour of the canes I would say that is black raspberry. If they are quite thorny thats what it is. They are very good to eat. The tips of the canes that have grown into the ground will have rooted. That is the best way to transplant them. Dig up the tip and cut the cane and you have a new plant :)

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Not such a bad idea, especially if the brambles are mainly for bird food/habitat.

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The color of the canes did catch my attention, and while I'm not a big eater of fruits, I should make more of an effort to do so.

Problem is, the birds around here know better then I when something ripens, and by the time I find out it's ripe, it's pretty much all gone! I guess that's the thanks I get for keeping their feeders stocked and their bath full, LOL.

If the rain holds off, I may get them tomorrow.


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Vince use bird netting to keep the ones you want to eat

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