kyyada(6B-7A)April 20, 2014

I guess I cheated, I used my grafting tool that I bought online last year. It always made great omega cuts as far as matching up went but was difficult to keep them from coming apart. I cheated and used a drop of super glue on each side to hold them together and then used a cut rubber band and parafilm tape. Out of 26 apple grafts I made 22 have buds swelling or leafing out! (a few were cleft and chip bud grafts) Now I have to figure out what to do with all of them....

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I was hoping to hear how a hot young woman in the neighborhood was trading love for fresh peaches... I'm hoping to find an arrangement like that some day.

The super glue is a pretty good idea. I'm sure you were careful to avoid blocking cambium tissue with it. many failed grafts are due to being bumped by you,a bird, cat, etc. and your glue surely would help with that.

A note of caution on your optimism, the buds will swell and start to open without a successful graft.

A dude showed me that tool, I would like it better if the union were longer. But with same size material it looks like a good option.

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I've got a tool like that too. I didn't have the problem with them coming apart unless the scion was really skinny. As long as it made the full cuts It held together really good with electrical tape. The tape gives really good support. I like the way the finished graft looks too. You just have to make a slice across the tape to relieve it latter in the fall so it doesn't girdle the graft. That tool makes fast work with grafting and so does electrical tape. You just have to be careful if you unwrap the tape it might take the bark off, so just slice it and let the weather take it off. I'm pleased with it.

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