Frozen potted blueberries arrived

steve333_gwApril 11, 2013

Well my order of three blueberry plants arrived today. And even though I went out the the mailbox just after the mailguy usually drops stuff off (been checking it every day for this package), all of the plants were frozen; that is their root balls were rock hard.

It was about 28F when I picked them up, and I don't think the soil could have frozen that hard in just an hour or two outside at 28F. Last night however was down to -2F, and I suspect that the box sat in a truck outdoors last night before being delivered today, and that is when the freezing took place.

Anyway, I placed the box in a cool dark room and after a few hours the roots/soil thawed. The plants seem to be in good shape, and don't look any worse for the freeze. At least no signs of damage at this point.

I am just wondering if it is a waste of time for me to pot these plants up. Can blueberries survive freezing temps to the roots? (If it makes any difference, one of the plants was starting to leaf out, but the leaf buds appear to be fine)

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Hello steve,
Are they Northern Highbush?I think they can,especially if they're some of those developed for colder climates.What varieties? Brady

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All northern highbush varieties, Patriot, Ka-Bluey and Rubel.

I'll pot them up for now, since they seem to be fine, visually at least.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

They should be fine. I overwinter my containered NHBs outdoors, and we get down to -10F. The containers were frozen solid for 3 months.

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Those should be fine. Patriot was bred as a cold hardy variety down to zone 4. Rubel was discovered in 1913 as a wild bush in the New York/New Jersey Area.

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