Midwest Peach Trees

mark_roeder(4B IA)April 11, 2014

I see no bud swelling on my trees. We had 30 below F this winter, but the trees had an opportunity before that to harden.

Anyone else around the upper midwest seeing signs of life?

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Nope........doesn't look good here as far east as southern Ohio. Flower buds just sitting there and looking dessicated, but signs of leaf buds opening. We had prolonged weeks and weeks of uninterrupted mid-teens. No branch death however and I had a dozen new trees just planted last spring and the spring before. Actually considering myself lucky it's just looks like fruit loss at this point.

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I looked at a friend's Contender peach tree in zone 5a, near Madison, WI. No buds swelling, but most of the branches looked healthy and very little winter kill. It's a young tree, so I don't expect bloom/fruit this year anyway. We just barely got the frost out of the ground, and our crocus are currently blooming. It's early still.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


Not seeing much here yet. Don't think I'll see any peach blooms.

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

Looked again on Saturday. I sensed there was some green on a few tiny branches, but still no bud swells. Green on the twig branches in my experience doesn't indicate the trunks survived.

Should I prune the tops of my 16' tree, now?

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I'm in central lower Mich and no signs of buds swelling here yet. They look black so I think they froze to much. Last year I didn't get any peaches either. I think its to early for me to tell. We still have snow melting in the yard, but almost gone.

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

How far north are you in Michigan?

We had so much cold and snow, but the last of our snow melted off from my 6' snow pile a week ago.

We were up to near 80 Saturday, but still no sign of growth on the peach trees. We are expecting snow Monday.

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We were 68 deg here in Addison, Mi. Oakland Co. I live in the highest part of S E mi. With all the woods here the snow stays and keeps the air cooler. Plus less sun. The snow in the back is gone now but I have a little left on the north side of the house. Might be some ice left on side of the co road on the north side of the hills too. Not sure if that last storm took it out or not.

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