Sweet Heart Lychee tree with lots flowers won't fruit. Help!

Maxima9April 19, 2014

Hi all,

I'm new to the site and don't really know anything about gardening. Would love your suggestions.

Bought a 15 gallon Sweet Heart lychee tree $200, about 6 feet tall. The main trunk was curved and not very good looking. Planted it in the grassy yard March 2013. It had some flowers, and some fruit the size of the tip of a toothpick. All of the fruit fell off in 2013 while they were toothpick size.

Now mid April, 2014, the tree is about 7+ feet tall, lots more flowers, both male and female, lots of bees (so many bees that it's a little scary), and very few fruit, still the same size as the tip of a toothpick and falling off immediately.

I'm in Los Angeles, the climate is dry and hot. The past winter was warm, almost like we didn't have a winter.

The tree was planted at a corner of the grassy back yard with 6 feet fence on 2 sides. We water the lawn 2x a week, 10 minutes each time. Haven't fertilized it yet.

How come the tree doesn't fruit? Anything I can do? All my friends tried planting lychee trees (all in Los Angeles) either killed it or had it for years without fruit.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing your suggestions. :)

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From Wikipedia: "They require a warm subtropical to tropical climate that is cool but also frost-free or with only very slight winter frosts not below âÂÂ4 ðC, and with high summer heat, rainfall, and humidity. "

They need high humidity ... really high humidity. And acid soil

Also, they may need cross-pollinating by a different variety ... "Isolated or single lychee trees will usually set acceptable amounts of fruit. However, recent research has demonstrated that under some conditions, cross-pollination among different cultivars may increase fruit set. Therefore, in some cases there may be an advantage to planting more than one variety. "

Here is a link that might be useful: California Rare Fruit Growers

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Thanks for the info. The nursery where I bought it said one lychee tree is ok because it's self fruitful. However, Los Angeles is REALLY dry. Watering 2x/week should be ok since our grass and other fruit trees are doing well.

Obviously I can't change the dry climate. Is there anything I can do to help? Thanks.

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They do fruit in SoCal...

check with these guys.....many socal fruit guys here that grow lychee


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