pears not waking up?

macmanmatty2(8b)April 29, 2013

Hello almost every tree in my yard has woke up by now expect 10 European pear trees that I grafted (i got the scions from Santa Cruz CA) I grated them in spring of 2102 and they grew great that year some putting on 5ft of growth. But now none of them are waking up? they aren't dead just still dormant. the varieties are Bergamote Esperen, Beurre d'Anjou, Bergamote d'Et,
Belle Lucrative, Butirra Precoce Morettini, Citron de Carmes, Fondante de
Moulins Lille, Glou-morceau, Le Lectier, Passe Crassane. Could be lack of chill? But, I have some apples rated as very high to high chill and most now are in full bloom? Including smokehouse, Hyde king, newtown pippin, ashmeds kerne,l winesap, westfield seek no further claygate pearmain and others. Are apples just more adaptable to less chill than pears? We get about at total of 700-600 hours below 45 and above 32 each year from dec 1 to march 31.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


My pears of all kinds seem to be less bothered by marginal chilling than the apples. The pears have more concentrated bloom, less blind wood, and better foliage. I've got Bosc, Comice, Seckel, Housi, and Olympic.

Our chilling might be enough different to make a difference. And maybe yours just need more time. But most of my pears bloomed at least a month ago and were frozen out about March 25th.

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I had one pear tree that leafed out late this year. It was shaded some by a large tree nearby and once I cut the tree down it leafed out and is blooming now. Though I have an apple tree in full sun that still hasn't leafed out though it was only planted this year so it might still be establishing roots. The tree is still alive and should leaf out in the next week or so. I would just give them more time.

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