Strawberries producing fruit to soon?

resiakApril 27, 2013


So I planted some bareroot strawberry plants about a month ago in container. Last night when I was watering I noticed they are already producing fruits! I couldn't believe it because the plants are still so small.

Should I pluck the buds off so the plants can focus their energy on vegetative growth?


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Are they Junebearing or day neutral berries?

If you pick off all the Junebearing fruits, you probably won't get any more this year.

If day neutral, the plant will produce more.

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Sorry, meant to put it in my other post. They are day neutral and they're also being grown indoors.

I actually just found the answer to my question.

"The flower buds of the day-neutral types should be removed for the first six weeks after planting, but the buds that are allowed to flower after that period will go on to produce a delectable harvest from late summer to frost in the first year. "


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