My luck just ran out -- 26 degrees right now.

denninmi(8a)April 29, 2012

Yikes. I was afraid of this -- my luck at staying above the 28 degree danger point has ended. 26 right now.

Apples are in full bloom. Quince has tight to large buds. Everything else is basically done, there are a few random petals hanging on here and there on some pears, cherries, and peaches. Oh, and blueberries are coming into full bloom.

So, is this game over, or will most things sail through?

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alan haigh

Weirdly I hit 28 the early morning before this one and thought that was OK but all J. plums turned black on outside and translucent inside- clearly cooked. I had gotten 24 or maybe 23 when they were in full bloom and that didn't seem to hurt them. In the past I've had J. plums survive colder temps than 28 that were even further along, so go figure.

I think your apples and blueberries will survive but I really don't know about rest. There seems to be more in play here than only low temps.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

You'll pull through, but you will have damage. From my yard, my peaches handled 26F pretty well, as well as the pears and apples, but the apricots, sweet cherries didn't. Strawberries will be destroyed. Its so hard to know right now. You'll just have to wait and see.

Michigan has had it rough. I feel bad for a lot of those farmers. Could be a light crop year on most fruits.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

As a general rule with blueberries below 28 will kill the open flowers and destroy any formed fruit. Flowers that are partially open will be damaged and while they look like they are ok will not form fruit. You are right on the razors edge temp wise so hopefully your thermometer is off a little.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Some lows around you>?

Oxford 25.2
Washington 25.0
Lake Orion SW 26.1
Rochester 28.1
Dryden 23.2
Shelby TWP 27.0
Auburn Hills 28.2
Ortonville 23.5
Lapeer 21.0
Troy 28.6
Macomb 28.3
Romeo 24.4

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Was that 26 in your orchard or some official recording station? Thursday nite, the official low was 27, a new record for the date. But that was at the airport 10 miles away. Here it was a couple degrees above that, still a freeze, but I'm pretty sure it didn't get below the 28 point.

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The 26 was at the official NWS recording station for Oakland County, which is at Oakland Pontiac International Airport in Waterford, about 3 - 5 miles from my house (depending on WHICH end of the airport complex they have the weather equipment, that I don't know).

I actually don't have a good thermometer/weather unit anymore. My last one died. Right now, all I have is a dollar store window thermometer that I think is accurate to about, oh, plus or minus 10 degrees, LOL -- piece of junk, I just bought it for the pretty cardinals printed on the case.

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