elderberry cuttings

AmericanchestnutApril 5, 2014

Has anyone propagated elderberry from hardwood cuttings?
I am wondering if I need one or two nodes per cutting. I get so many more sticks if I just have a node on the top and just stem at the bottom. Can I get away with that?
Thank you

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I have,but there was probably more than one node,as a backup.Why not try it with one and see what happens?I put the cuttings in water til roots formed. Brady

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I've had success with 1 pair of buds below the soil and one above. You can just dip them in rooting hormone and stick them in the ground in Nov (in my area). I wanted to get some going early last year. I put the cuttings in rootmaker cells with Fafard 3B. I put them on a heating pad with the tops near an exterior window to slow top budding and allow for root development. I had pretty good success once I got the hang of it. After the buds started to open I put hem under lights unitl spring. I transplanted them into larger (1 gal) rootmaker containers before planting them in the spring. They seem to be doing very well and are the first to leaf out in my area.

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