Dwarf peach dropping fruit buds

averil(8b)April 7, 2014

Hi folks, I would appreciate some advice. I have a dwarf peach and this year it has flowered profusely. However it's dropping a lot of the little nibs after the petals have fallen. Is it just the tree just getting rid of some naturally or does it sound like a problem? It's in a cold greenhouse and I have given it a tomato feed a week ago
Any advice appreciated
Kind regards
Averil (uk)

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

If there is no wind there is a chance it was not pollinated adequately. Fruitnut is the expert on greenhouse pollination so hopefully he will chime in here. It could just be thinning, those dwarf peaches set a ridiculous number of flowers per inch. So if there are still a lot left it is probably thinning. It could also be too immature so it doesn't want to bear lots of fruit. Peaches drop a lot until they are a few years old.


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Hi Scott,
Thanks for your reply. I have left the greenhouse door open on the odd nice day to encourage insects to pollinate it, however i have gone round the flowers with a small brush. I shall keep my eye on it and hope it is just thinning out because as you have said it had loads and loads of flowers on it. I just hope I can get one peach out of it because ive never seen them growing in the wild before (by that I mean ive only ever seen them in the supermarket) ha ha. Who would believe it and im 57 years old!!
Thanks again, Scott
Kind regards
Averil (UK)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


One tip on pollinating peach/nectarine is to spray lightly with water. Just a misting during bloom once or twice a day. I use a hand sprayer and plain water. Not sure it works but since starting haven't had a failure to set and did before.

This year I also hand pollinated mostly with my finger tip. Whatever I had a good set on everything this year.

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Thank you fruitnut, that is a good tip. I have misted once but that was more to just give it a little bit of a shower than anything else. I shall definitely do that regularly now
Many thanks for your advice
kind regards

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