Sweetcrisp blueberry review

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)April 9, 2012

Picked the first two pounds of sweetcrisps yesterday though I do admit I have been snacking on them here and there. With other blueberries even after they turn fully blue they are still tart for many days and lack that blueberry flavor. With the sweetcrisps as soon as they turn fully blue they are sweet with that awesome crunch. To me they have more of a wild blueberry flavor but a texture all there own. In the coming days I know the fruit is just going to get sweeter and sweeter.

They truly are in my opinion the best blueberry by FAR for those home growers with the climate to grow them. When we went up to Just Fruits and exotics I was talking to the owner about blueberries and she asked what I grew and when I mentioned I had some Sweetcrisps she said they are not just a new variety they are a quantum leap above the other varieties.

I have 50 or so Sweetcrisps now and my only regret is I could have planted them a year earlier but was too slow and by the time I had the ground prepped for the bareroot plants my source ran out of them. I made sure on the next batch I was first on the list.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Thanks for that info. Wish you could do a brix. Mine last year were 18 the one time I tried. They are hard to get a brix on because they are so firm.

50 plants sounds like a bit much. That's a lot of picking!!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Heh that is just 50 sweetcrisps:) Last count I have 142 BB plants. We like to make blueberry wine and for that and the frozen berries it takes a lot of plants. I don't push my plants hard and prune to 5-7 lbs per bush max. This year with the late cold I did not have to do any thinning as mother nature pruned probably 60% of the flowers for me.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

So glad to get the review on this variety, bamboo. I've been waiting a year. Now, where can we get Sweetcrisp? I can't seem to find a source. I'd love to add 4 of these to my lineup.

Patty S.

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I want some now too Patty!

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