Flowering cherry fruiting?

trapperdf(5)April 11, 2012

I have a flowering cherry tree that has one branch that has been fruiting for a few seasons now.It is not a grafted branch. It started real small and now the branch is large and covered with flowers. the one branch flowers a few days after the rest of the tree. The cherries are delicious and pristine with no care.Has anyone had this happen before?

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So... Let's clarify what happened....

Was this a branch or sprout that grew up from below the graft union - and that branch flowered and fruited?..... If so - this is the rootstock. In many cases - letting the rootstock grow can harm the graft - Many rootstocks will reject the "Different" graft once it gets big enough.... and you may loose your "Flowering" cherry to the other fruiting cherry rootstock...

Of course, that might just be OK in this case... and you won't mourn the loss too much...

Or... Is it a branch that started growing out of the main stalk near all the other branches (Above the graft) that flowered and is a little different, and then fruited? If so, this is called a "Sport"... where for some reason, 1 branch is different than all the other branches....


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This is a branch well up in the tree. I guess it is a sport But a sport of what variety? Like royal gala is a sport of gala.this cherry is a sport of ??

sorry if it is a stupid question.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

This is a sport of whatever flowering cherry tree you have.
So is it a named flowering cherry or a random backyard flowering cherry?

hah, you can name it after yourself as its probably unique and then take cuttings of it for other people to graft that sport onto their trees to try out.
Got any pics of the fruit?

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X2... Yep - it's a sport of whatever type of cherry you started out with....

If it turns out really good - you can pass along scion wood and call it whatever you desire!


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Congratulations, sport

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Be sure to mark the branch.

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