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Schlemoc(5)April 24, 2013

Hey Everyone,

I am doing some serious layout work on my yard at the moment. I attached a file that should give some insight. I'm not exactly sure on the width, but I would guess around 80 ft. The length is probably close to 120ft.

The yard is currently a pretty steep slope down. I am having a friend come in and terrace it off to 10-12 ft sections with a 6ft ramp. The blueberries in the picture are planted on one of the ramps. I plan on mulching them up real well and having them double as a bit of a hedge.

I am looking for thoughts / insights on the planting of the squares with shadows, as those are the trees I need to plant. I also did not include the 2 plum trees, and 2 more pear trees, as I am unsure where to put them. In addition to those, I want to get a quince in there, and some berry patches. I also plan on putting in a two tier pond somewhere along the left side to divert the gutters to, and then have the overflow go to the blueberry bushes. Any thoughts on those would be appreciated.

Additionally, there are some woods on the other side of the bottom of the property. This does limit some of the sunlight on the very bottom block. I noticed the existing apple tree grows up the hill more reaching for light. The existing pear and peach trees don't seem to mind.

I would love to hear any and all feedback to make sure I can get the best layout possible. If you need any specific clarification I can provide that as well.

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Based on your diagram, which side is facing north?

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North would be the bottom right corner. The house is SW, with the orchard predominantly being NE. I hope that helps!

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Any thoughts? I was just thinking that I should put the blackberry patch along the wood line since not much else will grow there!

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