Old strain (Virginia?) winesap and/or stayman scion?

windfall_rob(vt4)April 1, 2014

I have let the delayed season get the better of me here in northern vt and failed to follow up on some offers of scion back in February.

Things here are still all shut down, but I am sure that will change fast. After all it's only 2' of snow left and hasn't dropped below zero for a whole week!

Anyone else out there still have trees dormant enough to cut a bit of both/either to share?

I have a small summerland Macintosh that I want to work over.....its a nice relatively early Mac, but talk about a scab magnet.

I have a fair number of varieties to trade and plan to do the pruning this coming week.

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alan haigh

I have both in storage- contact me.

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fruitloversc(Both USDA 9a/9b)

harvestman, what has been the latest in spring you have chip budded? I was thinking of doing more this weekend. I know you are in a different climate but would be interested. Also looking for a true Tremletts Bitter scion wood

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alan haigh

I've never chip budded. I'm not any kind of grafting technician and all I do these days are splice grafts. I don't grow or manage cider apples so can't help there either.

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fruitloversc(Both USDA 9a/9b)

Thanks Harvestman, I just tried chip budding last spring and then did more in the late summer. Both times seemed to work, although only pears and apples took in early spring, all the Cherry and Peach didn't. Had better luck with them in doing it late summer. Lot easier than T- bud or bark grafting. At least for me. Never had any take when I did those type. Was suprised the Pear in late summer broke bud. Was worried they would die off in winter before they hardened up but made it.

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