26.8 degrees at my house this morning

cousinfloydApril 24, 2012

It's probably warmer in Wisconsin or New York! I'm not even in the mountains of North Carolina. It's probably warmer there, too! I picked ripe strawberries yesterday. Except for the blueberries, which are 95% done blooming, most everything else (pears, Asian pears, apples, pie cherries, Euro plums, pawpaws...) is at least a week or two past petal fall, if not over a month. Of course, a lot was already lost when we got right about this cold on April 12, like a beautiful then-hopeful crop of 'Guthrie' plums. Did I pick the worst location in the whole country to try to grow fruit?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

26F did pretty good damage to my tiny apricots here a few weeks back...Tomcot seemed to handle it better then my other varieties, but location was probably a bigger factor.

Not a bad location, just a horrible weather year. Having the heat so early screwed us hard up here. We were a month ahead of schedule (my apricots that I have left are the size of small kiwi fruits at this point...last year they were blooming around now) and that is never good.

The average temp so far this April is running COLDER then what March finished with. I don't think there has been a month here when April finished colder then March.

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Here, March average temperature is going to be higher than April, given this week's forecast.

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Cuz - I'm not that far away and I'm having weather related problems though things didn't get that cold last night nor earlier in the month. With the last two summers of high heat and no rain and then a mild winter, all sorts of diseases are taking over the bushes and trees - even the resistant varieties have some damage. I'm having to prune off branches full of fruit just to save the tree. That hail storm earlier had amazingly good aim and nailed plenty of new sprouts and delicate stems - I'll be lucky if the rhubarb recovers enough before summer really sets in. The only plus is that my olive tree is bursting with blossoms and most of the hardy citrus suffered no damage at all.

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Yeah, it's just so great to live in N. America. Because, you just never know what the weather is going to do next. Personally, I could have passed on the tropical storm force wind gusts we've had for the past 2 days. At least it stayed marginally above freezing, although windchills were below freezing.

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