Which way to plant this Olive tree?

LaserCatApril 20, 2014


I'm really new to planting any type of tree and I had a question if anyone out there wants to help a newbie like myself.

I got these olive trees rooted from cuttings and I'm planning on planting them in large containers (so I can take them in in the winter). When I got the cuttings the branches were growing off the stem at an angle. Do I need to worry about the tree growing up straight from the angled stem, or will it fix itself on its own as it grows? Should I plant the whole cutting at an angle to straighten the trunk. Right now they are buried up to where the roots end but could I bury them further and straighten them? (see the photo)

If anyone has any ideas on what I should do I would be grateful! Thank you!

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I'd use 2 stakes to loosely assist the central leader into a more upright posture. It will want to grow upright anyway and probably won't need the encouragement for more than a few months.

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That's great advice, thank you!! they are just barely starting to bud out now so I'm excited!

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