Why didn't somebody warn me?

brianstreehouseApril 2, 2014

My apple orchard has become an addiction.

What I have in the ground:

Shiro Pum, Starking Delicious Plum

Doctor Matthews, Honeycrisp, Jon-a-Red, Cox's Orange Pippin, Grimes Golden, Red Rome Beauty, Everest Crab

I have been looking for a couple other varieties that I could not find in the fall. My wish list is now at 8 new varieties. I have to stop.

My wish list includes: Golden Russet, Gold Rush, Pink Lady, Newtown Pippin/Albemarle, Ashmead's Kernel, Bella Rezista, Karmijn de Sonnaville, and Belle de Boskoop.

If you had to lop off a couple from my wish list, what would you cut?

Please don't suggest varieties I have not listed. I will want to try them and my landscaping has already been adjusted to accommodate more varieties than I should have. (The ice storm did create a hole when it took out my magnolia.) The discussion on red fleshed apples almost got me. I should have bought acreage when I built my house.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Based on my experience I would cut Karmijn, it is heat sensitive. Cox has the same problem. I don't know about Rezista having not grown it but I have not heard raves on the taste those apples in the few comments I have seen.

Good luck keeping the numbers down. I'm glad my yard is only so big or I would still be adding rows.


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I'm new to this but to my understanding Pink Lady is bad for fire blight. I don't know how it would do on fire blight resistant rootstocks like some of the Geneva series.

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thapranksta(Mid TN 7A)

Being a new home orchardist myself, I understand your plight. I only saw a few worm-ridden peaches last year up to this point but it has so far made me only want to add more fruit.

I have limited knowledge on apples in general but one that seems to be the consensus *not* to cut from your list is the Gold Rush. I ordered and planted one this year as my only apple tree thus far. I plan to use a crabapple already planted for pollination purposes.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

My condolences to all the new addicts. I have been addicted for about 7 years now. If you don't want to be addicted then you must stop yourself now. This forum is like an AA meeting where people describe the best and newest micro-brew:)

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Bring on the brew and the trees! Mrs. G

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you might like to try a Gloria Mundi Apple I have a couple growing strong tho not producing yet but the tree the scion came off of had apples as large as dinner plates on it.

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I have Karmijn and B.D.Boskoop. The Karmijn is just as advertised and the heat here doesn't seem to bother it. The Boskoop is bland and coarse.

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In Z5 Pink lady does not have enough time to properly tree ripen. If you want to look on a mao and compare longitude, my experience with them is in Nebraska City NE at a u pick orchard. You have some great trees, But any that are not as nice as you want, you can make them frankentree by grafting other varieties. I am doing that and looking forward to the variety.

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Definitely would take a skeptical look at pink lady in your area. Make sure you get a vigorous rootstock for "Gold rush". Otherwise, I would investigate carefully the characteristics of any heirloom variety--quite often they have weird deficiencies in the form of biennial bearing, lack of precocity and the like. The idea that any heirloom variety automatically tastes better is simply a myth.

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It is hard to recommend what to cut without knowing how you want to use the apples . I have made great pies with both Newtown and Karmijns. Both are excellent eating apples too. Ashmead's is another great apple. I think Boskoop is mainly a cooking apple. I have only tried one and it was coarse and forgettable. Some love to cook with them though. Good on you for resisting the red-flesh apples thus far.

If you are to remain properly addicted you should learn how to graft. Have you tasted apples off all your trees? If not, you may find you want to graft a new variety on to a tree. Are there any fruit clubs or apple growers you can learn from? You can easily justify your habit with learning how to graft and you'll save money. You could have much worse habits.

But to answer your question I would vote to leave out the Pink Lady and either Belle de Boskoop or maybe Rezista.

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