Kiwi trellis

jethro75(Z 5 N Central PA)April 29, 2013

I built a T-trellis out of two 9', 7.5" diameter telephone poles sunk 3' into the ground and 15' apart with 4x4 cross arms that are 4.5' long. I have 12.5 gauge hi tensile wire. My question is how many wires (plants) could I run and how far apart minimum should they be?


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I have a similar trellis with 4X4 posts instead of telephone poles. I have 3 posts about 15 feet apart (total of 30 feet), three strands of wire. I have 3 artic kiwi plants and a grape vine on them. After pruning the kiwis are attached to the center strand and allowed to spread to the other two strands. They pretty much are full during the growing season. So my guess is that you can have two kiwi plants for 15 feet of trellis. I would plant them four feet from the poles allowing them to run in both directions.

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jethro75(Z 5 N Central PA)

Thanks Charlie.

I was thinking about having 1 male on the center wire and a female on each outside wire. Planted center and traied to run 7' each way toward the post.

Would I be better off with just 3 stands and do like above? Or put another strand between the male and female and allow the feamles to cover 2 wires each. With 3 wires the wires would be 24" apart, with 5 wires they would be 12" apart.

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Your spread is 4.5 feet so I don't believe that an extra wire would help much. But it certainly would not hurt. My kiwis tend to spread a couple of feet each way with side shoots. With the method you are using 6 feet cross pieces would have been better.

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jethro75(Z 5 N Central PA)

Yah, I would have liked to go at least 5' but had a 9' 4x4 in the shed so I just cut it in half and used that. I have enohg stuff to do it so I think I will just put the wires in and if I dont use them it wont matter much but at least they will be there if I would happen to need them and I wont have mess with putting them in latter. I gues I should have stated that I am planting Arctic Beautys if that makes any diiference.

Thanks again Charlie

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