Blueberries leaning over....stake?

ladybug_0820April 29, 2012

About 4 years ago, I planted a few blueberry bushes that I received from my extension office. They each have one major cane that instead of growing straight up, it curves over a lot, and is coming close to touching the ground.

I'd say the bushes are about 3.5-4 feet high. They're curving so far over that I'm wondering if I should stake those canes so they are a little more upright.

I wish there was a way for me to attach a picture here. If anyone would like a picture, let me know....


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The first thing I would suggest is to prune back the longest branches a little, so they will bush out instead of growing longer. I always top back the new branches before they get so long that they are leaning over. I only stake when a branch gets too heavy with fruit in summer, and that's a temporary thing.

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well it is somewhat heavy with fruit right now, at least that was hubby's first thought. come winter I'll look into pruning them..

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