The good, the bad and the ugly of my peach and plum blossoms

bart1(6/7 Northern VA)April 21, 2014

The good: beautiful blossoms on my plum and peach trees 7 days ago
The bad: 23 degree temperatures 5 days ago
The ugly: the current state of my blossoms (weathered and beat up looking)

One week ago my plums (and forsythia) were about 40% blooming with rest about to pop in a day or two. My peaches were just a little bit behind (some were at 40 or 50% but the rest were just starting to bloom). Then the big cold snap came and my outdoor thermometer registered 23.9 degrees! Since then the look of the trees (and the forsythia) hasn't changed much - the buds that bloomed are still there, but they look beat up and weathered and there doesn't seem to be much (or any) new buds blooming. The trees seem to be stuck at the same 40% bloom they were a week ago. I'm assuming the 23 degree temps did me in.

Should I just go ahead and do my first spay now, or wait for more blossoms to open? I've sort of been doing that hoping for a big change, but nothing really noticeable has happened.

Did I wait too long to do my first spray (5 or so days after my anemic peak bloom)?

What will happen to flowers that were already pollinized prior to the cold snap? Will they bear fruit or are they done for the year?


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I'm guessing that the open blooms are done for - whether pollinated or not.
We had that happen to our apricots, a couple of years ago, though, and got another small round of blooms on one of the trees a good two weeks later, so don't give up hope yet!

Personally, I'd go ahead and spray.since the weather conditions that woke up the trees may have also gotten the insects and fungi started. I think the main thing is to avoid spraying open blossoms that are waiting to be pollinated.

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