Wild Persimmon Clone

barnhardt9999(8a)April 5, 2012

Yesterday, walking through the forrest I came across a 18" persimmon clone growing from an exposed root of a larger tree. I know the larger tree is a female that produces tasty fruit. If I sever the exposed root with the new tree growing and plant it, will it grow? I think I should be able to get a good 2 foot length of root that is about as thick as my wrist.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


You may have to dig a little deeper to get some more fine roots. It may work. It also work better if the tree is still in dormant. Or else you can tag the tree and wait until next march while the tree is in dormant and sever it.


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If you are going to wait, I would take a sharp spade and sever its connection to the main tree now. That way it will have some time to grow more of its own roots. It may be getting a good portion of its sustenance from the main tree's root system now.

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