Mulberry Update (Too Sour/Tart)

MohammadLawatiApril 7, 2014

Hello everyone!
I just lost many mulberries to birds and it is my first year and I need to taste them to know what they taste like. Therefore, I covered the ones that turned pink with paper towels.... hehehehe. Well I saw this then:

So I picked it:

It tastes bland, Not sweet... maybe has some sweetness that I can't feel.
It is juicy yes, but I could not taste much sweetness if any at all! So I asked someone about it and he told me that this is happening because I covered them with paper towels and I need to do it with a net so sunlight could develop sweetness in the fruit. Is this true? I mean can this be the problem?
I am trying it now:

I have noticed that fruits hit by the sun mature faster than those in the shades.
Can you guys help me with some information? I thought leaves develop sugars???

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Hello, just tried the one in the net and it is the same.... not as much sour as the first one. Is this because it is fruiting for the first time?

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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

I know there are many varieties of mulberries but I'm no expert. I also planted a Pakistan Mulberry last year and have about 50 fruit on it already. They are very sweet. They are longer but slimmer than the ones in your pics. I had never tasted them before the ones on my tree and have been pleasantly surprised by the taste. Here are a few I picked today.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

It has been my experience that mulberries vary greatly in taste from tree to tree, even if the same cultivar. When you find a good tasting one clone it!!

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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

I tested the Brix on one of the berries tonight and it read 32 on my refractometer. It tops out at 35 so I guess that is pretty sweet.

They are definitely sweet like cane sugar but they have a taste that is hard to describe. It is a pure sweetness but not as fulfilling as a pear or an apricot. Maybe that is why we never see them available here.

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home_grower, those are beautiful berries! This is a good time for fresh fruit as the choices are limited. We don't see many mulberries at the market because they don't ship very well. It was never a matter of quality. 'Black Beauty' was on my short list because it stays smaller than most mulberry trees.

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Mohammad: that's too bad the taste is no good... you might leave them to ripen more, even until they fall to make sure though.

I've never heard of a Morus nigra tasting bland, but I agree with Drew that they can vary from tree to tree. I also think that overwatering can make the fruit bland, just like with everything else.

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Whether it is in light or not is unlikely to make a difference in sweetness. If they do not eventually sweeten up--and they now look ripe--and they do this next year as well, I would follow Drew's recommendation and find mulberry trees whose fruit you do like and graft onto your present tree.

It is possible that the tree will sweeten up over 4 years in the ground or so, but it is more likely a bum tree.

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Thanks everyone!
Ahh, too bad I was so excited :(
Well, I will give it a chance this season, and if it doesn't sweeten up I will try to graft another one on this one's trunk...
Thanks again!

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Is your tree a Morus nigra? Brady

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Hi brady,
Yeah it is supposed to be...
I was told it is sweet and tart.

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