Jonagold disappointment

mrsg47(7)April 17, 2012

I purchased my Jonagold apple in 2009 (a three year old tree from Raintree). It has grown beautifully and I have two pollinators for it. Last fall it was covered in masses of fruiting spurs for the first time. This spring I can't wait to see blossom form. I am only getting leaves on the spurs and no buds. What is the problem? The end buds are in tight cluster but nothing on the spurs. It had one fruiting spur last year which gave me one apple! This is very disappointing as the tree is seven years old this spring. Mrs. G

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alan haigh

Free standing trees can take up to 5 or 6 years to become reliably productive. Jonagold is not particularly precocious.

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Thanks HMan! I guess not. There is a lot of waiting and serious trial and error in fruit trees. I really didn't expect this long a wait. I didn't read enough in advance. It does look as if my Italian Plum will bloom this week for the first time and it was purchased at the same time as my Jonagold. I hope the plum holds its fruit!

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tedgrowsit(6b PA)

Mrs. G,
I am having a similar experience with an Ashmead's Kernel. It was planted in 2007, probably a two year old tree. It has what appears to be spurs all over it, but they seem to be growing out only with leaves. I know how you feel. Thankfully this tree is surrounded by other apples that are presently in full bloom. Things look promising otherwise. I hope your plums work out for you. My Italian plum is getting to the end of its bloom, and things are looking pretty good. I lost almost all my peaches several weeks ago on a 25 degree night. We will certainly simply enjoy what we get and look forward to next year.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

I have a Jonagold on a dwarfing rootstock three years out of Cummins. This is the first year it set fruit. I have a standard winesap that at 5 years old for the first time is in full bloom. I have a standard golden delicious in its 5th year that has only five blooms but looks good for next year.

An Extension agent once said home apple growers seem to have a 4 year limit on waiting for fruit so they yank them out but if they would have waited just one more year.

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Thanks all, you really make me feel as if I'm not standing in my orchard alone! I have plenty of 'Pristine' apple fruiting spurs and loads of blossoms. My 'Enterprise' apple is slow with only about six clusters of blossoms to pollinate Pristine. The Enterprise and Pristine will both pollinate the end blossoms of Jonagold. I just picture these large apples hanging off of the ends of my apple trees. Not a pretty picture, but probably better than no apples. The Italian plum just started blooming today! Fingers crossed. Thanks for all of your stories and advice. Mrs. G

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Too bad...hope your plums set! ..please post some pictures when they do.
Not sure what is the norm in your neck of the woods but I found out, [here] it can be allot worse then apples. Patient is the key word in fruit growing.

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I will Konrad I promise. My aphids are a bit early this summer, as Rose garden is in the center of my orchard. Quite pretty. Mrs. G

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alan haigh

After about 10 years of planting a wide range of fruit, every year will have it's rewards and disappointments. It is just early on where success seems so fragile.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

Harvestman, well posted.


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I'll be patient, SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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