Neptunes Harvest and pests / raccoons

tucker46060April 25, 2012


I fertilized some berry plants with a Neptune's Harvest mix ... came out the next day to find all kinds of digging and damage around the base of the plants, including destruction of some small developing canes.

Anyone else have problems with (what I assume were) raccoons after using fish emulsion? Any tricks to avoid this?


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Yes! My trick is not to use fish emulsion.

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Well you have several options.
1 dont use fish emulsion
2 live trap & relocate pest-you may want to apply a permanent mark livestock spray paint works well this will help determine that you are indeed relocating far enough away.
3 double strand electric fencing make sure it is properly grounded and check voltage regularly.
4 Ad on craigslist for coon hunters
Good luck

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Wish I'd seen this message a few days ago. Just took four vacation days to plant a large container garden, finishing up at 5 last night. For the first time ever I followed advice I've seen many times and watered everything in with a few cups of diluted Neptunes Harvest seaweed and fish emulsion. This morning, I woke up to find several pepper plants torn out of their pots and my only two okra plants destroyed. They hate root disturbance, but can be carefully transplanted. Mine were a foot tall and a month old. Raccoons completely bare-rooted them and tore off several leaves. I think they may not make it. I have now sprinkled my entire garden with cayenne (red prepper). It stopped something that was bothering my strawberry patch last year.

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A little follow up, based on advice I received.
This is one case where the raccoons' intelligence is good. They realize that despite the smell there is nothing there and quit coming back. I've continued fertilization with no further issues at all.

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