Pomegranate Optimal Spacing from SE Wall for Winters VA/DC z7

persianmd2orchardApril 25, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm planting some cold hardy pomegranates against a SE facing wall. Options are 6 feet away or about 9 feet away. The spot shades the last few hours of the day, the farther you get away from the wall the more shade you escape but also perhaps not as much cold protection?

6 Feet away = 4.5-5hrs of sun, more aesthetically pleasing spot for me

9 Feet away = ~6.5hrs of sun

I'm hoping/thinking the fact that it's against a wall will offset the relative lack of full sun in terms of warmth helping fruit ripening and tree growth. Thoughts?

The poms are 3-5 gallons, I was thinking to plant them nearer to the wall (6 feet away) so the main trunk is cold protected a bit better and either watch it naturally happen or train the main fruiting branches to come out in the sun's direction and when the trees get bigger the 3 foot difference to get to sunnier spot will be overcome.

What do you guys think?

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On second thought, I think I'm going with more sun at the 9 feet spacing.

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I have one growing 3 ft from my brick house and that seems enough to protect it in the winter. The more sun the better with pomegranates as far as I can see.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

One downside of too much heat though is they can prematurely bud in the spring. I lost half of one of my poms this spring in a late freeze. My trees are not in any protected location at all, but if they were against a south wall I may have lost all of them.

So, its all a trade-off, hard to say what the best answer is. For figs they leaf out very slowly so I think the protected hot spot wins. My poms never leafed out too early until this spring so maybe its not so common.


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So what do you all think is the ideal location/micro-climate/side of building for a pomegranate in zone 6/7?

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