Winter Moth

mrsg47(7)April 19, 2013

Just received my first 'heads up' email ( I am on the University of Rhode Islands Hort. list, they also organize all of the orchards in the state for meetings) on this years new hatching crop of winter moth. It was suggested I put down my first combo spray of captan, immunox and triazicide this weekend. Even though its been colder it seems early to lay down that stuff. Anyway. . . off to the orchard! Mrs. G

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Our buds are just now showing signs of green leaf. I did some grafting and I have been watching the trees closely. I had seventy degrees yesterday with flys,moths, and a butter fly landing on the cleft grafts. I also saw bats at dusk swooping at moths in the air. I was even getting bit by mosquitoes! I'm in the lower east side of Mich. Oxford.

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Holy cow! Thats a lot of bugs for one night in Michigan! It is getting warmer here too. Its in the 50's and 60's so its time to start spraying. My peaches are in pink bud, and 1/4: leaf on most of the rest of my trees. They're all waking up! Mrs. G

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