Frost kill

bhawkins(8A Dallas)April 6, 2013

The frost last week killed the dozen pomegranates at my house. Temp in the driveway got down to 29 degrees for an hour, temp in the backyard where the trees are may have been a little colder. When this happened to a Wonderful pom a couple years ago it grew back fast, so there's hope. The pom's at my office a mile away, & at another office 3 miles away, are fine.

Looks like the Robada apricot wont have any fruit this year. Supposedly many apricots in Texas only bear fruit every 3-4 years; & the Robada bore last year; so I don't know whether the lack of fruit is due to the frost, or the tree.

I planted a mail order persimmon the week before the frost; leaves are all dead; hopefully more come out.

I had planted 2 small mail order figs which were leafed out, those leaves are dead. Hopefully the figs come back from the roots.

Other trees seem fine; apples, peaches, jujube's, blackberries, grapes, pears, persimmons, etc

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Robada like most apricots has no tendency to alternate bearing in my experience. If there's no fruit it was the freeze. If you left on tons of fruit it might reduce bloom the next year. But if yours bloomed this year, and it almost certainly did, it would set absent the freeze.

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