Tips for Puppies for Orchard?

Schlemoc(5)April 21, 2013


I have two 8 month old hound puppies running around my back yard. Sadly, this is also the same area that encompasses my orchard / berries. I was wondering if there are any tips/suggestions to what I can do to keep them from eating toxic fruit, or what trees/bushes I should really look in to moving. I have apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, grape, blackberry, and raspberry bushes, in addition to the regular garden.

I'll be re-landscaping the yard shortly, so the apples and a couple pear will have to stay, but I plan on relocating the blueberries in the yard itself. I don't have too much land in the front of the house for plants, but it'd be better than the puppies dieing from gorging on deadly items. The one already has ate a few peach pits she dug up from prior years drops. They spend the majority of their day running around the back yard, so I'd hate to fence off a section, or leash them, as they love the exercise.

I'll take any suggestions/thoughts on this topic. Thanks!

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It is all about choices...puppies chew. You might consider wrapping trunks with chicken wire to keep them from chewing them. They will do damage...that is what pups do.

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Well, grapes are a problem for many dogs. I buy those cheap green posts & PVC wire mesh and make temporary fences where I don't want my dogs to go..

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I was considering setting up a temporary fence for when the grapes are in season. So far they have not chewed the actual trees themselves. They avoid them for the most part. I'm more concerned with toxicity from eating the fruits, along with the issue of their solid waste being around.

i believe I read elsewhere that since fruits are not like garden vegetables that the poop should not affect anything, but I'm not sure if this applies to blackberries / raspberries.

I have a temporary fence up guarding my garlic. The nice thing is a friend is bringing in a large backhoe and cutting steps in to the hill so I can maximize the space a bit more, and better organize the bushes. The prior owner had a great idea going, just a bit ... mishappenly designed.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Grapes are really the only concern. None of the other fruit is toxic as far as I know. Also garlic is not good for them, but it certainly will not kill them. My dog has eaten plenty of garlic. Grapes yes could kill them. My vet said he never seen any problems with onions or garlic, but has seen problems with grapes and chocolate.
I use chicken wire. I have an aussie, PVC fence he would just push down. I use heavy gauge wire, the light weight stuff, he figured out he can just push it over. He ate one of my blueberry plants, down to one cane. I doubt it's going to make it!
I have to use a bungee cord to keep the gate closed, and him in the backyard. He seen me flip the latch up to open the gate, so he will just flip the latch up with his nose and stroll around the house. He still has not figured out (yet) how to detach the cord.

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Oh MY! That poor blueberry bush... My puppies have not ate teh blueberry bushes but they are mostly mature 5-7 year old plants. However... I am putting in about a dozen new ones to complement the existing supplies...

Thanks for the input. I am considering removing the grape vines, or at least isolating them now.

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You can't help it, that's what puppies would do and you cannot stop them from it if they manage to go near the plants and trees in your garden. All you can do is restrict their entry from the backyard.

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Whatever you do, don't use "cocoa bean mulch" as it is VERY toxic to dogs.

Carla in Sac

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