More freezing tonight

Dan.NYApril 12, 2012

My local weather is saying low of 28 tonight. I still have some hope for a bit of fruit as my apples have not blossomed yet. Peaches are out and I am guessing 28 tonight is going to pretty much wipe them out. grrrrr.


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I hear you... but 28 is only 10% kill for most fruit tree blossoms according to the charts, so you may be in luck.

The latest forecast for my area shows 26 for Sat night and breezy. My apples have only just started to bloom, but apricots finished a while back and peaches in full bloom. I was worried this extra early warmth would not miraculously maintain through the last frost date!

Good luck

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Wunderground was saying 25 for last nite, but it never got lower than 30 here.

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Lets hope it stays above 30 or even higher. My peaches have already been through at least one other freeze if not several. They have been thinned nicely by now.. Wondering when this will actually end.

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We had our coldest night since "Summer in March" last night -- 28 per the local weather stations. Hardest white frost/freeze we've had, the flowers and leaves on the trees were frozen solid this morning. We have had mainly advective freezes that only got to 30 prior to this. This was the first serious radiational freeze with calm winds and clear skies and heavy, heavy frost.

We'll see, but I'm reasonably confident that most things will be OK. 28 is kind of the cutoff. The thing I think is most likely to be zapped are sour cherries, but they are only about 20% open, many buds are still very tight. And, I'll check on my Asian pears, they seem a bit more tender to me than European.

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I'm in the mountains of Western NC. I turned the sprinklers on my kiwi (the "arctic" variety from home depot) and grape vines (5 different varieties) the past two nights... Tuesday night it only dipped below freezing here for an hour and a half... all of my vines were fine yesterday because of the coating of ice. Last night however it got a few degrees colder and stayed below freezing from 1am to 9am.

The vines had a nice coating of ice on them from the sprinklers and looked fine right until the ice melted off, and then all of the new stalks and leaves started wilting. By noon they were dark green and all fallen over. I already had tiny grapes growing and some kiwi blossoms that were about to open.

Tonight we're under a frost advisory but after wasting all that time and water I'm not sure I want to even worry about it (a few other plants also are lost for now due to such a drastic change in temps). Two years ago I had an awesome grape harvest but my kiwi were torn apart by a stray cow just before blooming. Last year a late frost got all of my vines.

My question though is after tonight it looks all clear for any other chance of frost. Can I trim the dead leaves/stalks off the vine and let the others that are still budding take over and potentially get some fruit or am I looking at ornamental vines for ANOTHER whole year?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Trim off the dead shoots on the grape. Secondary buds will usually make a small to medium crop.

For the water spray to do any good you've got to keep a heavy stream of water running all night and until the ice melts in the morning. Those that think a coating of ice will insulate the plants and blossoms are kidding themselves. It takes a lot of water and usually results in a heavy ice load that can break down a tree.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


From everything I've read sour cherries are the hardiest. Sweet cherries are the worst (least hardy).

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I did run the sprinkler all night last night, and was worried about the weight of the ice. I just think it got TOO cold for TOO long... as I said, the night before was fine and the plants looked great yesterday afternoon. The weight of it breaking off/melting probably didn't help, especially on the kiwi. Those shoots are pretty soft.

I'll try trimming and see how it goes. Thanks!

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Depending on what tyep of grape vine, but the advice already given is good. Trim it off and you should get new shoots. I assume you have 1 year old fruiting cane that is sending out clusters? I pruned my vines lightly this year, leaving many extra buds just in case.

I think I managed to be lucky. This morning temp was 34. I may have escaped a hard frost. Lets hope this is it finally.


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