Will frost-damaged strawberries produce new buds?

ltiltonApril 22, 2012

I have no previous experience with this problem, but this year has been a Learning Experience. The strawberries are Junebearers. Given how early in the year it is, is it possible that plants experiencing a significant loss of blossoms to frost might generate new buds in time for the usual June season?

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June bearing strawberries initiate buds the fall previous. How hardy the buds are will very much depend on what stage they are in when frost zaps. If they are nestled into the crown yet, you have a good chance of more coming on. If in flower already your chances of them bearing go down significantly.

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Maybe it's so cold they'll think it's fall come again.

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I've got my fingers crossed.

I have two beds of Cavendish strawberries. Both planted the same year. One is on the south side of a shed. That bed is covered in blossoms.

The second bed is out in the open. It doesn't have a single blossom.

So, the heat from the shed must have been just enough.

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That heat wave we had early in the month shot my berry beds ahead a good three weeks. I have some fruit developing already and there have been several nights in the twenties since. Had it not been for the unseasonal heat wave, I'd not even be too concerned at this point, but berries out of dormancy are more susceptible to freeze than the fruit trees at this point. It's been a hassle, but I've covered mine tonight and shall again tomorrow. It's just been an unusual spring.

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I got some killed blossoms from the freeze two weeks ago, and a few buds are still opening with dead black centers.

It's kind of odd that everbearing strawberries will re-bloom, but the Junebearing kind won't, if they lose the whole crop.

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I've always gotten sporadic re-blooming on my June bearing plants, but not enough to mess with for gathering just a few for garnish. It's not odd, really. No different than the everbearing raspberries you can totally whack down in spring and harvest in fall compared to the summer bearing if you whack off a floracane (2nd year) you can kiss it goodbye for a year.

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