Mixing Triazicide w/Immunox + Permethrin?

iowajerApril 25, 2012

I've been searching the postings for a definitive answer on combining Triazicide with Immunox and am to a place where I don't have a clue. I think it's information overload for my poor li'l mind!

So that's my 1st question, OK or better not.

My second concerns Permethrin and apples. Like a lot of others, I'm in the dark as to why it's not labeled for application after petal fall. But to add to my confusion, someone posted that very useful Spray Guide from Virginia Tech and I see they show using Permethrin from petal fall clear through 6th & 7th covers.

Does VT know something we don't? Seems like - though the labels say no, VT says yes.

Thanks in advance for your opinions!


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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Yes, it's fine to mix Triazicide with Immunox. The only one concern (that I know) of is this: I do my Immunox sprays at petal fall and 10-14 days later. But, while some trees may be at petal fall, others may still be in bloom. In that case, I want to be careful because I don't want to be spraying the tree with the Immunox/Triazicide combo when a bee could still be coming by. Thus, I probably would only start using the Triazicide in my second Immunox spray.

As for the Permethrin, I guess my question is... why do you even need it if you're already working with the Triazicide? Perhaps VT recommended it because some brand/labels of Permethrin are actually allowing it like we're expecting they would?

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Thanks for the quick reply Glen.

I'll do a combo spray then (all my trees are past petal fall) Sweet!

I hadn't noticed that some labels were allowing for Permethrin on apples after petal fall. My Bonide brand doesn't but I've not seen them all.

My question on the Permethrin is only because last year I didn't have the stellar results using Triazicide that a lot of folks do. (But I also think that could well have been the odd weather, which included more rain than I really needed...)

Anyway I thought that maybe if I noticed heavy pressure a bit later on, that I could switch up a little bit and hit them with Permethrin on one of the mid-season cover-spray's.

Mostly glad to get the intel on combining Triazicide/Immunox for today. The Permethrin question was as much out of curiosity as anything.

Thanks again Glenn!!

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jethro75(Z 5 N Central PA)

I know most on here get away with 7-10 days. For myself, it seems like on day 8 and if not definitely on day 9 the Plum curculio is bag and going to town. I do a spray every 7 days after petal fall for 4 applications and then check them very hard on day 6 on to watch for any signs of PC. If I do see signs I give it another and I am usually good with PC after that for the year.

I am guessing that there may be enough other apple trees close by on other properties that the minute the stuff wares off enough they are right there to hit my tree.

I don't know what your incur mints are but you may be fine with just the One and done if you go to the 7 days.

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Thanks jethro75; I think I will try to be more diligent and keep a close watch on the calendar and the pest pressure. I looked back at last years records and after petal fall and the first cover-spray it looks like my intervals were more like 14 days. That could have had something to do with it...

Thanks again!


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