Spray tight cluster apple?

mrsg47(7)April 15, 2012

Its always something with fruit trees, but always fun. I have been finding green aphids on my green closed cluster apple trees. I know they'll start blooming in a few days, but I can see that two clusters have been chewed. What do I spray now? Neem oil? Or. . . triaz./immunox combo? thanks Mrs. G

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi MrsG47-
Aphids already? Wow. In small numbers, I wouldn't expect them to do too much and you could even try knocking 'em off with a hose. But, I wouldn't spray Triazicide yet as the bees will be on the blossoms soon, and we don't want to hurt those. -Glenn

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Mineral oil will kill any aphid you get a direct hit on, so I would use that. If there are only a few I don't bother with them, the ladybugs are already active in my orchard and keeping the small populations in check.


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alan haigh

If the flower buds aren't showing much red beyond the king blossoms you can use hort oil at 1% if they seem to be a problem. I've never had aphids go after spur leaves- they usually feed on vegetative shoot tips- at least green aphids. Check and see if the lady bugs haven't started feeding on them in the warm spell.

I don't know if the aphids are doing any real damage now but I suspect they are reducing the energy that will go into fruit and certainly would be an issue if they are still epidemic at petal fall.

Tight cluster is an excellent time to apply oil.

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Thanks all, Yes they are green aphids. I can't hose them them down, so I thought of a spray. They ate two clusters on my Enterprise apple which pollinates my Jonagold. Since the Enterprise is a young tree (4 years old) I need every blossom it can produce. Ok, a little oil or the watering can! Saw ladybugs two weeks ago and not one since. Thanks, Mrs. G

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alan haigh

Aphids don't eat blossoms they suck sap. Some birds eat buds as do the larvae of certain moths.

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Thanks H-man! The green aphids are inside of a number of fruit blossom clusters. I do have birds in my trees too. I'm always concerned they will knock off newly fruiting spurs or fruit blossoms. I had no idea they ate apple buds. No moths yet, thank goodness. Tons of fine spider webs though. I get after those daily.

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