rasp and blackberry

queensinfoApril 5, 2012

How long until you would expect to see some growth from newly planted rasp and blackberry plants? These were bare root plants and i cut them as suggested by the nursery (approximately 4 inches) after planting two weeks ago? I know it is too early now, just curious when they will start to grow.

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They should at least have some little buds on them where the leaves will emerge if they are alive now.

But around here, 3 weeks ago, we had a major warm spell for about 8 days where it was into the 70's, and I rode by a farm that grows black raspberries, and they had obviously bulging buds ready to open then and produce leaves. That was in Northern most MD. But I saw some plants in Lowes(reds) that had buds but not yet leaves.

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I would give them at least another 4 weeks before becoming concerned. Bare-root planting is more of a shock than transplanting potted plants.

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funny, while watering today, i notced that one of the blackberries was coming up. Also surprised that my strawberries already had a couple of flowers, especially considering the cold snaps lately.

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