Geneva usda apple collection

bruce2288April 28, 2012

I was at their site yesterday and there is a new cover letter posted.. Basically if not for research and an available commercially they will not be supplying scions. I guess I was lucky to order my first and only scions from them last year. I was surprized then that I at least did not have to pay postage.

I imagine this is result of budget cuts in farm bill.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

The policy has always been they should not be used for getting scions of varieties you could have gotten elsewhere. The problem is recently it seems like a lot of folks have been abusing their service, so maybe they are putting that policy more up-front.


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It is supposed to be a resource for bona fide apple breeders and intended to preserve diversity. We have the same policy here at our UCR Citrus Germplasm Repository. For a few dollars you can get common virus-indexed scionwood from the NRSP5 facility in Prosser, WA, so that would be my first stop before GRIN.


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Nrsp5 budwood $50 for first stick, $10 for additional sticks. Yep for a few dollars I can get some. Cheaper to by trees.

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