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mrsg47(7)April 19, 2012

Hi all. I am looking to purchase one or two white peaches to add to my orchard for next summer. Peaches grow very well here in zone 6-7. Any suggestions? I am looking for very good taste and consistency (if that exists). Many thanks, Mrs. G

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Assuming you mean a white fleshed peach, I like Carolina Belle, which is a slight improvement over the favorite of my youth Georgia Belle.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

I like White Lady. it tastes good and grow well for me.


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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Farmerdill, Is your Carolina Belle consistently sweet? When is it ripe and ready to pick?

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For me it is a second early, follows Early White. Finishes before Redskins and Jublilee. I don't grow Red Haven, but judging by my neighbors. about a week after Red Haven.

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Wow Farmerdill, what a beautiful picture of your white peach tree. I was tending toward 'Indian Free' because of the reviews on its taste tests. And YES I mean white fleshed peach. Tonytran, I have seen pictures of White Lady and I am glad to hear it tastes good. I have seen the word 'melting' used when describing peaches. Does that mean melt in your mouth or just plain juicy? Many thanks to you both, Mrs. G

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Mrs. G,

White Lady is sub acid peach, no tangy taste to it. first bite is honey sweet like you have been infused with suger. melting flesh meant you can eat it hard or let it hang on to the tree longer until soft. 3" in diameter and creamy whiteflesh. it just got off patent from zaiger.


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alan haigh

I'm not a fan of zaiger low-acid peaches and find them insipid but some people love them. White lady is the easiest to grow of this type I know and hangs on the tree for a full month. Some of these newer whites were selected because they stay hard on the tree while ripe but soften when picked. You can imagine why. Blushing Star is also like this but ripens later. I think it might be common to the zaiger selections.

Lady Nancy is the best tasting white I've ever eaten if you like a little tang but it requires a bit of protection from brown rot, almost without fail.

Nothing is sweeter than the donut whites like Saturn. Saturn tends to rot and bees and birds go nuts for it.

Manon is a good, very early white.

I'm not the best critic of whites because I'm not that much of a lover of them but Lady Nancy was rated by the Rutgers breeding teem as the best several years ago. They gave it a 9 when nothing else they rated got higher than 7 with Belle of Georgia about 4, I think.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Scott has mentioned a few good white peaches:

Carmen sounds like the best one:
"Carman - WOW! This is an extraordinary heirloom white peach. Very much in the Silver Logan school of nice level of tartness plus a good bunch of flavor. More tart than Silver Logan, but not quite as flavorful. "

Scott's full description

Description from book

I haven't found any sources for Carman though. If you happen to know of any, please let me know.

Oldmixon Free Improved also sounds pretty good and I do see it listed in Tierra Madre Farms list of trees.
"Oldmixon Free Improved - only got a couple fruits off this tree but they were excellent - large, juicy, rich flavor, the best of the whites. "

JM Mack also sounded interesting:
"JM Mack -A uniquely colored and nicely flavored white peach with few problems. The flavor is not as intense as the best whites but it has a very good balance in the flavor. That plus the beautiful unblemished fruits make this guy a winner."


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White Lady gets my vote for New England area.

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Thanks All! Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I'm coming late to this thread. I had a Carolina Belle and while it was better than Georgia Belle it wasn't all that great so I pulled it out. I find the older whites have much better flavor than nearly all the modern ones. Two exceptions are Yukon King and Silver Logan, both excellent more modern varieties, but I had rot problems on both. Indian Free is another excellent red/white peach but it rots badly. Bob mentions two of my favorites above, but Peregrine and George IV are other old whites that are good. Arboreum.biz has sold Carman in past years as well as other good white peaches. The best "mainstream" white peach I have grown is Raritan Rose, its a good variety if you can't find any of these other ones.


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Thanks Scott! And thanks for the heads up on Indian Free. Which ever tree I select, it has to withstand fog. Cannot wait to plant two next year. And thanks also for Arboreum.biz.

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