Graft peach/plum to chokecherry tree?

TheDerekApril 24, 2013

Is this possible? I have a contender and reliance peach and am wondering if a graft would take on a friends chokecherry....

Someone must have tried this, but I cant find any info on the net.


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Not sure. Make sure it's a choke cherry. A lot of people think wild black cherry that grows upwards to 80 foot is choke cherry. Nothing but wild black cherry can be grafted to wild black cherry. Some people have successfully grafted stone fruit to choke cherry, and used it as root stock.

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If TheDerek is anywhere outside of the Eastern US, he probably does mean chokecherry.

I'm also not sure about this... I would not choose it personally simply because I am not impressed with the growth form, habits, and disease resistance (or lack thereof) of chokecherry.

Instead I am experimenting with apricot for stone fruit rootstock. I have seen several references stating it works for peach, plum, and cherry. I'm optimistic because apricot trees do very well in my area, are really low-maintenance, and are easy to propagate from seed.

Have you looked into Prunus besseyi, aka "Sand Cherry" for rootstock? It is super hardy, diminutive in form, and low-maintenance too. I vaguely remember reading something about a problem with longevity, but I'm not sure...

Good luck.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


I've got peach, plum and pluot grafted to an apricot...i'll let you know how they do (budded last summer)>

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

I wouldn't graft peach to choke cherry. Even if it worked, chokecherry is recognized as a significant risk in transmitting X disease to peach. It's generally recommended to remove all chokecherry near a peach planting.

Peach easily sprout from seed. Plant a small row of peach pits this spring (about 2" deep) keep well watered (but not soggy) and you should get some sprouts to come up. These can be budded in late summer as "sleepy eyes". If they will survive outside, you can leave them where they are and transfer them next spring to your permanent location.

If it's too cold for the young sleepy eyes (although I've never tried this) I see no reason why you couldn't pot them up this fall, store over winter in a cool garage, and move them to your permanent location next spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chokecherry X disease

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I have a peach stock with apricot, nectarine and plum grafted on it. Last year all of the fruit seemed to be either peach or nectarine. The grafts all seemed to take, but I did personnaly see the scions so I am not sure that they were as depicted. I did get a lot of fruit, but did not spray for insects, so there was a lot of insect damage to the fruit.

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Thanks for the warning about chokecherry. I do have sand cherries growing in my parents yard, that might be interesting to try as rootstock, gotta root some cuttings first tho. Problem with growing from seed where it gets to -30f fairly often is, I doubt most seed plant would be hardy enough to survive...

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I grafted plum on chookecherry and i have up to 2 feet nice growth but in 2 weeks i will begin to see for the result problems.For now i think they should have something to hold them against wind because the heal is slow and hard so easy to break.Chokecherry seem to suply a better feed
than pin cherry to the scion but less quality heal.For both of them i had good succes for graft only on split no on bark.

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FWIW, I grafted a prune to Nanking cherry and it is healthy after seven years, but it is very dwarfed and has yet to bloom- I think it will bloom next year.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I have pluot, plum, and peach all grafted to apricot and everything has grown nicely.

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I did the Nanking thing just for grins,about 15 years ago. Peach and Japanese hybrid plums work OK on P.tomentosa - but, as you noted, are VERY dwarfed, and fruiting was very minimal.

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Hi Lucky. Yup, I remember that when I queried here before trying my graft you (I'm fairly certain) thought it could work, but offered no guarantees about results. This prune on its own roots is slow to bear anyway, but generous once it gets going. We'll see how things go over the next couple of years.

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Today i visit my grafts plums on chokecherry and it look that old wood scion graft do better than last year scion.It is 1/2 inch to 1"+.but i still want to wait fall and next spring before i consider it to be good.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

Personally I would not want chokecherry as a rootstock because of all the suckering. I was going to post and ask if there is a chokecherry that has good fruit (for a chokecherry) that does not have the bush form. I would graft chokecherry on to peach if it worked but not the opposite.

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In my zone if we can graft on chokecherry or anything that help on hardiness of the climate we will make a considarable step in the progress and this succes we badly need it because what is on the market is about all not made for in our place,fact is that the destruction of our trees by winter season breake the courage of many and teach to our children to keep away from it.This year was the worst winter season in 35 years and find something for our place is greatly necessary.I have made reaserch for what i say and the results of it are speaking.I bless every try or efforts that are made for even a drop to success in giving possibility to fruit trees to stay here alive adding lot of hapiness to many homes....

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Here is the result of scion plum on wild chokecherry.The rootstock throw out the scion as his own over ripe fruit on september even with healty green leaves and nice growth and attached .Next year I will try 4 flaps graft for a better holding on the stock and I will try inter stock hoping it bring the succes unless someone did it before I would enjoy to know it. Merci!

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I grafted several Japanese plums to prunus besseyi aka sand cherry this year and they worked fine.

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