Lapins Cherry Tree or Twig from Bay Laurel Nursery?

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This is my Lapins Cherry from Bay Laurel Nursery. It's been with me about 6 weeks. I ordered 3 cherry trees. The other two were nicely branched and heavily pruned (minnie royal and royal lee). All 3 have a nice root system but this one is just a stick, no branching at the top. I'm wondering why they pruned it back so hard? It's starting to put out a lot of nice leaf buds, but not the branching I was hoping for. Will these produce branches? (sorry for the goofy questions). It looks more like a shrub with new growth all along the primary. I've heard of pruning to force branching, but there is zero sign of that. In fact, the tip seems to have died back. Not sure if you can see that. Should I contact the company? Thanks so much for your input.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Those leaf buds can turn into branches. Just give it more time. You can make a tree out of that. Cherries often don't branch like you'd like but in the end the tree will grow and produce.

I often prune my trees like that even if they have a few branches. The trees I hate are the big caliper trees that won't push any buds down low.

If the tree doesn't produce the branches you want this year head it back next spring and it will push a lot more branches.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Yeah I would rather have that size myself, easier to shape it. If the tip has died back, it may keep on moving down, that happened to me once. You may want to prune it off to good wood. Those buds will probably all be branches.

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