Rookie gardner, fruit trees and berry bushes

Sweetpea3829April 20, 2012

Hi everyone. My husband and I just purchased a home here in upstate NY. We then purchased twelve fruit trees, fifteen berry bushes and two grape vines. The trees and vines came in this past week and, with the help of our neighbors and church family, we got them planted.

We are awaiting the berry bushes next week.

We have absolutely no idea what we are doing. Our neighbors are mostly mennonite and they have been very helpful, but, they have their own orchards and patches to tend to. So we're looking for any and all information we might need to know to keep these plants all healthy.

The varieties are as follows:

10 Caroline Red Raspberries

5 Blueberries (high brush I think)

2 Pears, 1 Blake's Pride and 1 Gorham

4 Peaches: PF1, Contender, Red Haven, Madison

3 Cherries: White Gold Sweet, Benton Sweet, and Lapins Sweet

3 Apples: Gold Rush, McIntosh, and Honeycrisp

The grapes are Reliance red seedless and Niagra white seeded

The trees were all bare root. The holes were dug some time ago (my husband broke his leg, so our church has been helping us out by getting the holes dug ahead of time), the trees were placed with no fertilizer and then I laid a layer of hay mulch around each tree and each grape vine, but not touching the trunk.

Anything else we need to know? Our neighbor said he will come and prune the trees in another day or so.

We haven't done anything yet to prepare for these berry bushes. And I'm not quite sure what's needed. I do know we need to till the area. About how big of an area should we till? How deep do these get planted?

Many thanks for any and all help!

--Rookie Gardener.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Come next year, your in for a world of WORK;-)

I would make sure you know when to spray and for what. Here is a website that has a detailed spray chart.

Now you can cut back on ALOT of work and headache by spraying for disease and pests at the proper time every year. Fruit trees are not "plant and forget". Also, find a good source on the different types of pruning methods as you want your trees to get as much light and air as possible for maximum fruit. And when you prune this FIRST TIME, no more than 1/3 off the top:-)

Dont worry, with all the pros around here and a good regiment of know what to do when, you should be OK.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spray guide

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